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No VAR for Carabao Cup Semi-Final – EFL Statement

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The Carabao Cup kicks off Tuesday night with Chelsea travelling to the North-East to take on Middlesbrough.

One major development is there will be no VAR for the game. Ahead of the tournament VAR was meant to be implemented at the semi-final stage but the EFL have released the following statement;

“Given the system is not installed at one of the participating semi-finalist clubs and to maintain fairness and consistency, VAR technology will not be used in the Carabao Cup semi-final stage this season.

This is in line with previous rounds of this season’s competition when at some grounds, but not all, VAR has been available. VAR is installed at Wembley Stadium and as per our previous commitment VAR will be used in February’s final.”

The referee for the game is Sam Barrott.


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