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Over 70% of fans believe the football under Pochettino is better than Potter in recent survey

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Picture Credits: CFCDaily

As we reach the half way point in the season, the scrutiny and analysis of how each club is managed becomes more valid. The table begins to balance up and the objectives for the second half of the season become clearer.

The half way point also brings a point of manager comparisons, for good or bad. Given Chelsea sit 12th in December, albeit on more points than what the club got against the same opposition last campaign. The jury remains out.

In a recent survey in The Athletic, supporters have been asked to give their view on a variety of different subjects surrounding the club. From ownership to manager comparisons.

One of the questions asked within the survey was, ‘Are the team playing better football under Pochettino than they did under Graham Potter?’

The survey response said that 72.7% of Chelsea fans believe that Pochettino is playing better football than Potter. 19.5% believe it has stayed completely the same with 7.8% believing the football was better under the former Chelsea boss.

The club is at a crossroad, the fans are at a crossroad, will the players be next? The only currency in football is winning and Chelsea need to do just that, preferably sooner rather than later.

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