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Positive news for Chelsea as Premier League teams vote on loan moves

The English Premier League have held a vote to see whether clubs can continue to allow the existing loan system to continue – and the vote is in.

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Chelsea Football Club have been eagerly anticipating news around the English Premier League’s plans around teams loaning players to each other.

Chelsea are renowned for loaning a number of players across the world – whether that’s to their own feeder clubs or to other clubs to aid the development of their young stars.


This has led to criticism from within the game where people have accused CFC as stockpiling players and potentially harming the ability of other sides to benefit from young talent.

To deal with such blowback, the English Premier League have decided to hold a vote to see whether clubs would want to continue to allow the existing loan system to continue.

And the vote has come in.

According to The Athletic, the Premier League sides have decided to allow clubs to continue loaning players in between each other if they’re in the multi-club model.

This means that, for example, Newcastle United could technically loan Ruben Neves from Saudi Arabian side Al-Hilal as they’re under the ownership of the PIF – who also own Newcastle United.

As far as Chelsea are concerned, it would mean that Chelsea could send out players to other clubs within their network also.

Andrey Santos, currently not playing too much at Nottingham Forest, could be sent to French side Strasbourg, for example, and that would be fine.

The higher ups at Chelsea will be happy as it means that they can continue working as they are.


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