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Opta “Super Computer” predicts Chelsea’s fait post Burnley draw

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Saturday saw Chelsea throw a lead on not one but two occasions as the pressure on Pochettino mounts up once again. Positive PR can only do the talking to a small degree but when those 11 Chelsea players walk out onto the pitch there is no such hiding.

Chelsea have conceded 14 goals in all competitions between the 40th and 55th minute of matches and have conceded a further 16 goals in all competitions between the 80th minute and the end of the game.

That is 30 goals conceded this season in fragile moments where games are won and lost. Nine times out of ten the rest of the game is Chelsea holding possession whilst an opposition piles on pressure at any sign of fragility.

The Opta analyst supercomputer has published its latest results following Saturday’s crazy results across the division. According to Opta, Chelsea have a 44.3% chance of finishing inside the top 8 of the Premier League and stand a 20.3% chance of finishing 8th.

That would have been further boosted if Chelsea were to have hung on against Burnley but even with the games in hand it still remains in Chelsea’s hands but the club face a lot of tense six-pointers against the likes of West Ham and Brighton.

Despite a 44.3% chance of landing ourselves in the top 8, finishing lower still remains more likely and Brighton’s result later on Sunday against Liverpool could further sway the percentage.

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