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Newest Chelsea kits leaks released for 24/25 season by FootyHeadlines

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The newest leaks surrounding Chelsea’s kit designs for the upcoming 24/25 season have been released.

A few days ago, leaked colorway’s were released via showcasing the designs to be expected in the upcoming season, as seen below.


Today, new leaks have been released via suggesting more of the design to be expected ahead of the 24/25 season with the badge and sponsor, as seen below.


Furthermore, a combination photo has been generated, showcasing what the shirt may look like, as below.


The inclusion of orange (or red) within Chelsea kits is nothing new, and whist the design may seem rather far fetched at first, remember that Chelsea have had orange within our kits throughout history, as below.

The iridescent/textured design for the badge as seen in the 23/24 season badge also appears to be staying, however, with a different colour scheme as seen above.

It seems that a real mix of both old and new, whilst nothing revolutionary, will be the theme of next seasons kit.

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