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José Mourinho teases Arsène Wenger about 1000th match

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José Mourinho has taunted former foe, Arsene Wenger, when discussing rivalries with managers throughout the years.

Chelsea’s legendary former manager, José Mourinho, featured on episode 7 of former Chelsea player, John Obi Mikel’s hit podcast “The Obi One Podcast” in a never before seen account of the Portuguese’s time in the world of football.

A match ten years in the making, the two first met in December 2004 in the Premier League.

The first of many encounters, this would be the first of 7 draws throughout the years, 2-2 at full time.

One of, if not, THE biggest obstacles Wenger would face in his career alongside the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Mourinho would provide the Frenchman with the second most amount of losses, and the lowest points average against an opponent in his career. (more than 5 matches)

The biggest defeat during this time would of course, be THAT game 10 years after the first meeting, and even more significantly, Arsene Wenger’s 1000th match in charge of his beloved Arsenal Football Club.

On the Obi One Podcast, Mourinho said “The only thing that Arsène cannot forget is that, on his match one thousand, which is a match to remember and to celebrate…Chelsea six, Arsenal zero.”

Host John Obi Mikel is seen laughing, and a signature smile of José Mourinho shortly follows.

Watch the full clip here!

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