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Jordan’s preferred London club revealed

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Credit: The Byline

The speculation continues regarding which London side Jordan is leaning towards for their next sponsorship deal.

Reports via Footy Headlines have said that Jordan would like to explore a deal with a London based club.

This really only leaves two options, which has been established over the last weeks.

Tottenham and Chelsea are the clubs in contention for this sponsorship deal, but according to reports, one club is the preference over the other.

In previous reports, it was established that “The key condition is to ensure participation in the European Cups next season”.

The league table may currently make Tottenham appear a more suitable option.

However, with Chelsea recently progressing into the Carabao Cup final, a victory would result in a place in the European Conference League.

The reports suggest that Chelsea are the preference because of “their influence and wider recognition as a football brand and their past success.”

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