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ESPN pundit jumps to Gusto’s defence following tackle

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Picture Credit: ESPNFC

The major conversation over the weekend will be whether Malo Gusto’s tackle in the first half was a red card offence. The day is not even out and we have already seen split opinion on it.

One pundit who doesn’t think it was a red card was ESPN pundit, Steve Nicol.

Nicol said on the latest edition of ESPN FC: “I don’t think it’s red because I think this a complete accident, it reminds me of the Curtis Jones challenge but he got a red card for but everybody thought was a red card so if we’re going by the Curtis Jones one, that’s a red card, I just personally don’t think it is.”

Despite not believing it was a red card, Nicol didn’t have much defence for Chelsea in terms of the overall performance. When asked to describe the performance, he responded, “I would describe them as lucky for people who never watched it…What a frustrating team to watch.”

Chelsea move up to 8th in the Premier League.

*This quote was during ESPN FC, the YouTube clip will be attached when possible.


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