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Tottenham overtake Chelsea in Deloitte Football Money League

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Picture Credits: CFCDaily

Deloitte have released their annual money league table for the period 22/23.

The good news for Chelsea is they remain in the top 10 across European football for annual revenue. The bad news is without European football in 2024, the blues are at risk of dropping out the top 10 next year.

Real Madrid sit top with the highest revenue across Europe with an astonishing €831.4m across the 22/23 season. Manchester City sit 2nd with €825.9m.

Chelsea sit 9th overall across Europe, the 5th best in England as Tottenham Hotspur have now overtaken the blues with a total revenue of €631.5m compared to Chelsea’s €589.4m.

The main factor for Tottenham overtaking the blues in overall revenue is due to upgrading stadium facilities, this includes an increase in capacity and an increase in money generating events. Tottenham’s match day revenue sits at €135m compared to Chelsea’s €88m in 2023.

Picture Credits: Deloitte

Despite being the 5th best in England, Chelsea’s overall revenue has increased on the 2022 findings. Back in 2022 the blues generated €568.3m, according to Deloitte that is now up 4% to €589.4m.

In general Chelsea’s matchday and commercial revenue has contributed to the overall increase.

With no European football for the 23/24 campaign, the number is only going to drop next season, which is why picking up European football this season is so important.

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