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2023 ends with Chelsea sale funds STILL with the UK Gov

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The sale of Chelsea Football Club to Boehly/Clearlake was officially confirmed on May 30th 2022.

Fast forward to December 31st 2023 and those funds from the sale still sit in a frozen UK bank account waiting to be released to help the victims of the war.

Ahead of the close of the year, a FCDO spokesperson has given an update on what is happening.

The following has been said in a statement via Ben Jacobs;

“We’ve been clear since the sale of Chelsea went through that we’d only issue a licence that ensures the proceeds are specifically used for humanitarian purposes in Ukraine. We set that out in a unilateral declaration at the time and remain committed to that position.

“We want this money to reach Ukraine as quickly as possible and remain open to any arrangement that clearly delivers this in line with these conditions.”

As we enter 2024, just 3 months away from marking 2 years since the Government sanctioned Roman Abramovich, it doesn’t look like anything will be happening in the near future.

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