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Chelsea look to expand multi-club model

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Picture Credits: CFCDaily

This week marks a full calendar year that BlueCo have been in control of Chelsea. In that time heavy investment has gone into all levels of the club and BlueCo have expanded their portfolio purchasing Ligue 1 club, Strasbourg.

With BlueCo controlling Chelsea and Strasbourg, the ownership group are once again looking to expand, according to the Argentinian FA president he claims the blues could be looking at a club in Argentina.

Javier Milei (Argentina FA) said,“As soon as the decree came out, Chelsea was interested in investing in Argentina. There are many international football clubs that want to invest in Argentina because it goes without saying that this country is a cradle of stars.”

However, football journalist Ben Jacobs has claimed that no Argentinian club has been approached by BlueCo. Jacobs went onto say that BlueCo are considering investment in 2 clubs in 2024 with European and African markets being explored.

Where should BlueCo head next?

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