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BREAKING: Chelsea REJECT the Super League

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Picture Credits: CFCDaily

Chelsea have confirmed they want nothing to do with the Super League.

The club have issued the following statement:

“The judgment issued today by the European Court of Justice does not change Chelsea FC’s position. We firmly believe that, by working with the Premier League, The FA, other European clubs through our strong relationship with the ECA, and with UEFA and FIFA, we can, together, continue to develop the European game for the benefit of everyone.”

The Premier League have issued the following statement as well to the latest Super League proposal by A22 sports.

The Premier League have said;

“The Premier League notes today’s judgment in the European Court of Justice case involving the “European Superleague Company”, FIFA and UEFA.  This is a significant ruling and we will now fully examine its implications for the game.

The ruling does not endorse the so-called “European Super League” and the Premier League continues to reject any such concept. Supporters are of vital importance to the game and they have time and again made clear their opposition to a “breakaway” competition that severs the link between domestic and European football.

The Premier League reiterates its commitment to the clear principles of open competition that underpin the success of domestic and international club competitions.

Football thrives on the competitiveness created by promotion and relegation, the annual merit-based qualification from domestic leagues and cups to international club competitions and the longstanding rivalries and rituals that come with weekends being reserved for domestic football. 

These principles are enshrined in the Premier League Owners’ Charter, introduced in June 2022, which aims to improve the collective strength and competitiveness of the League in the best interests of the wider game.

The Premier League will continue to engage in an open and constructive dialogue, with all relevant football stakeholders, on how best to protect and enhance the complementary balance of domestic and international club football.”



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