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Another Strasbourg supporters group express discontent towards ‘BlueCo’

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For the second week in a row supporters of Ligue 1 side Strasbourg have expressed their concern of BlueCo’s running of the club.

Less than a year ago the US based consortium added the French side to their portfolio following the purchase of Chelsea in 2022. With Strasbourg sitting just one point above the relegation play-offs, another supports group have now it seems had enough.

A statement by Kop ciel & blanc on X sent out a statement this evening beginning with ‘BlueCoOut’ and said the following which has been translated into English;

“As our grandstand neighbours did last week, we too would like to announce our position on BlueCo and local shareholders.

Since 22/06/2023 the RCS has changed its size and universe. It has moved to the dark side of modern football with its real scourge, timeshare.

Over the first weeks, we granted the benefit of the doubt to the shareholders

Americans since at that time we still had confidence in Marc Keller who was somehow seen (at that time again) as a guarantee, that of preserving the interests of our Racing.

The first part of the project presented was based on the idea of moving forward in the continuity of recent years: a sporting coherence allowing the club to continue to develop. Today, we see a new course of action, recruiting inexperienced young players to hatch them and then resell them at a high price. Older and more experienced importers are resold before their market value decreases. How is it possible to create a sports project consistent with this vision of the club?

Today, we have the impression that the club is managed without sporting ambition but rather as a part of a “business model” aimed at increasing the market value of Chelsea FC, thus allowing shareholders to recover more dividends. However, this “business model” does not show success on the other side of the Channel. Indeed, the London club, accustomed to the top 5 of the Premier League, positioned itself 12th last season and is currently 11th at 14 points from its usual places. From an economic point of view, the club had a deficit of €105 million in the year from May 2022 to June 2023. When we see BlueCo’s results in Chelsea after two years and the beginning of our adventure, we ask ourselves the question: what will become of the RCS?

Mr. Keller spoke to us at the time of a “different club”, that of keeping our identity at all costs. Today indeed Racing is a different club, but not different in the sense that we heard it and understood it. Recruitment was certainly with the means on board but remained consistent and intelligent. Today the elders are freed, freed, the last two mercatos have proven it to us.

We are entitled to ask ourselves the question if we do not evolve today in a parallel universe or in a messy part of Football Manager.

We also learn that Mr. Eghbali would be the final validator of the arrival or not of players. What are his skills from a football point of view?

Mr. Keller, we had Hilali and the club was on the edge of the abyss. Today we have Blueco. Know that we will put as much energy into fighting Blueco as we do against the London shareholding that destroyed the club.

In addition, we realise that it is complicated in the current context to find investors with sufficient finances to support the club’s growth. But, Racing is not a toy, let alone a part of Football Manager unlimited budget mode. Racing is an institution and we will not let anyone destroy this club that we have in our hearts.

We are once again positioning ourselves against Timeshare, we are frontally opposed to BLUECO and want them to leave.”

With Chelsea siting 11th and Strasbourg looking to avoid relegation the tension levels seem to be rising across two different clubs with two different ambitions. Chelsea so far have loaned Angelo and Andrey Santos, both have been struggling for consistent minutes.



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