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“Abramovich’s money” is what made Mounrinho’s first Chelsea side so special

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Joining Chelsea back in 2004, José Mourinho had the keys to the kingdom when arriving at Stamford Bridge.

There are many factors to consider what exactly made that Chelsea side tick so well in the inaugural season of the “Special One”.

Chris McHardy, co-host of the Obi One Podcast asked Mourinho “What made that first Chelsea team so special?”.

Mourinho responds “First of all, Abramovich’s money…”

He continues “…because every time we speak about the best teams, we are speaking about money too…”

“Now what Man City is, now what Liverpool is, is now what Chelsea was and still is…but Chelsea are not as good as we were…” He say’s which is followed by a typical Mourinho smile.

He goes on to describe the attributes that Abromivich’s presence brought to the club “…we had a good coach, we had good players…”

José explains that certain thing’s required money, but others required his knowledge in order to happen “Essien and Drogba were examples of players that were not known” and explained that they still fit the profile required to win trophies, which of course they did.

Watch the full clip here…

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