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Player Ratings: Newcastle 4-1 Chelsea

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Picture Credit: BBC Sport

Saturday was just the latest instalment of Chelsea giving you hope but inevitably set you up for disappointment, this time being on the receiving end of a 4-1 thrashing to Newcastle United.

Newcastle were nowhere near the quality we have seen them play in recent weeks, which makes this defeat a really tough one to take especially with Chelsea being on such a high heading into the international break. As a Chelsea fan you have to be honest and say it was just not good enough.

Here are the player ratings given by CFCDaily after today’s shocking defeat. These are the views of CFCDaily and nobody else.

Robert Sanchez: 3.5/10: Looked to be in no mans land for nearly every cross when one of his strengths is commanding the box from crosses, looked for the easy way out on a couple of occasions by asking for a foul. There’s not much he could have done when you isolate the goals individually.

Reece James: 2/10: The tone of the game begins with the captain and when a captain doesn’t finish the game because of indiscipline then you have to draw the line at a dreadful performance. The first yellow card was cheap and careless for a captain and for the 2nd yellow, the game is 3-1 and there is just absolutely no need.

Thiago Silva: 2/10: Just one of those games for Thiago Silva which unfortunately seem to be happening way more than they should be. His tone for the game was set when he tripped over his own skill move attempt, you thought it couldn’t get any worse until he was centre of the mistake and directly responsible for the score going 3-1.

Benoît Badiashile: 4/10: Unfortunately a victim of not having European football so he can’t work his way back with minutes in less intense environments, him being thrown into the deep end was visible and seemed way off the pace. Was caught ball watching especially from crosses. In general the defence was bad but he was the best of a poor bunch.

Marc Cucurella: 3/10: 1 step forward, 2 steps back it seems with Cucurella. Just like James he set the tone for the type of game it was going to be and his ghost offside trap set the tempo for the game. In the 2nd half Cucurella also picked up a needless yellow card which rules him out for our next Premier League game.

Enzo Fernandez: 5.5/10: Unlucky not to score in the first half after being denied by Pope, didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t do anything jaw dropping. There’s no hiding that Enzo has not been the same since the start of the season but he is in serious need of competition, only Lavia can do that.

Lesley Ugochukwu: 5/10: Very tough game to be thrown into the deep end, another victim of Chelsea not having European football to be eased in, in fact you could probably go one step further and say he was a victim of Chelsea’s ‘stockpiling’ approach during the summer. Didn’t do anything majorly wrong but seems very rash when tackling, not the first time this season.

Raheem Sterling: 6/10: Chelsea’s best player, which wasn’t exactly hard basing off yesterday’s performance. Confident free kick which we would all love to see more of. But apart from that a fairly quiet game and he wasn’t the only one.

Conor Gallagher: 3/10: Perhaps one of Gallagher’s worst performances for Chelsea, was dispossessed on multiple occasions and missed a big chance at such a vital time in the first half. Lucky to not get a yellow card after committing 4 fouls, just one of the many who struggled to get a grip on the game.

Cole Palmer: 4/10: Sometimes you’d forget he was on the pitch, very quiet and unusual game from him. Couldn’t get into the game and another one who had an off day.

Nicolas Jackson: 2/10: Did he even play? As just like Palmer I can’t recall him doing anything apart from a chance in the first half, a completely different striker to the one we saw bag 4 goals in a week. Not a great look and not good for Chelsea fans when the goals really can’t be drying up.


Mudryk, Madueke, Caicedo, Broja, Colwill: N/A

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