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Player Ratings: Crystal Palace 1-3 Chelsea

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Wow. Chelsea got away with that, the blues have now moved back to 10th following the 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. Chelsea left it late but with tough league fixtures on the horizon three points was simply non negotiable.

Here are my player ratings from the victory.

Petrovic: 6.5/10- Didn’t have much to do across the course of the game. Barely tested and perhaps with slightly better positioning, could have stopped the goal. Petr Cech analysed the shot in the studio and hinted better positioning could have perhaps prevented the goal.

Gusto: 10/10- Outstanding once again, controlled the right side and a fantastic cross into Gallagher to get the assist to start the comeback. Remains one of the best new signings under the new ownership and was above anyone else on the pitch during the abysmal first half.

Disasi: 7/10- Comfortable performance despite being turned inside out in the build up to the first goal. Other than that looked very comfortable.

Thiago Silva: 7/10- Looked comfortable and forced off with an injury due to a last ditch tackle.

Chilwell: 7/10- Much improved performance especially when his previous league performances have been poor. Still has a lot to improve on but a decent bounce back.

Caicedo- 7/10- Statistically he looked very good but on the eye it could arguably go down as one of his worst since joining. The fact he played a part in all three goals whilst still looking poor just proves how game changing he can be on a bad day. 

Enzo Fernandez: 7.5/10- Similar to Caicedo in terms of looking better on paper than on the eye but overall a positive performance topped off with a fantastic goal. 

Gallagher: 10/10- Best player on the pitch, proving to be the one to drag the side out of a poor and uncomfortable situation for a second consecutive game, reminds me when Mason Mount used to bail out Lampard in the latter stages.

Jackson: 6.5/10- Deployed out on the left. A nuisance to defenders once again, nothing bad and nothing special.

Palmer: 8/10- Fairly quiet game by his standards but still walked away with 2 assists, once he was deployed on the right that is when we saw the best of Palmer.

Madueke: 5/10- Inconsistency has crept in which is normal for a young player. Could have done a lot better for Palace’s opener with the mix up with Caicedo, nearly set up an assist towards the end of the half but was justifiably subbed.

Subs: Sterling- 8/10, Nkunku- 6/10, Colwill- 6.5/10, Gilchrist- N/A

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