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Player Ratings: Chelsea 2-0 Sheffield United

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Picture Credits: ThiagoSilva/Instagram

It’s not everyday that Chelsea manage back to back victories in any capacity, even rarer being back to back home Premier League victories.

With that said, we still see ourselves expecting more and receiving the bare minimum and I’m not one to give high rating’s just because of a victory.

CFCDaily and Harry have given the following player ratings from Chelsea’s 2-0 victory over the blades at Stamford Bridge.

Petrovic: 7/10 – Great to see him get his first team debut and whilst I wish I could rate him higher, he didn’t have a lot to do besides his top drawer save late on in the game for Sheffield United’s free kick.

Disasi: 7/10 – Despite playing out of his natural position once again, Axel performed well to cover for James in his absence, regularly charging down the right hand side. Perhaps he would get tested more against a team who wanted to get something out of the game rather than sit for a 0-0 for as long as possible.

Thiago Silva: 7.5/10 – Much like Petrovic, a highly untested match, but a match without errors which is important, especially in the build up to a game against a team in which he had a huge one.

Badiashile: 8.5/10- Rolls Royce of a defender and for me the clubs best centre back, brings calmness at the back and can turn basic defending into an attack. He is a must start for Tuesday.

Colwill: 6.5/10 – Still frustrating to see him play at LB instead of commanding from the center. I feel like he gets caught out of position at least once per game when at LB, but he did rectify this quickly in this game and had a better second half than a first.

Caicedo: 9/10- Arguably his best game in a Chelsea shirt. Brilliant from defence to attack, after looking nervous at the beginning of the season the confidence is beginning to show and is starting to look the player we were all expecting. Caicedo is only going to get better and I can’t wait.

Gallagher: 7/10 – A quintisentially Conor Gallagher performance. Imperative in Chelsea’s forward movement. Unecessary booking. Crazy work rate in the middle of the park and teamed up well with Caicedo.

Palmer: 8/10 – The audacity many of us had thinking he could have another illusive performance, only for Palmer to do what he does best and that is win the game for Chelsea. Excellently worked first goal and played the fundementals of football and played to the whistle when assisting Jackson for the second. Outstanding talent.

Sterling: 7/10 – I’ve said previously that I much prefer Sterling on the right and this performance highlighted my reasons why. High energy levels, great intensisty, and a fantastic assist to show for it.

Jackson: 6/10 – Yet another quiet performance, however, Jackson found himself in a great position to put away his only real chance of the game.

Mudryk: 6/10 – The usual sparks of positivity here and there, but with more wayward shots and clumsy spots, he’s still frustrating to watch. That said, Mudryk still looks as determined as ever and I’m sure his hard work will pay off one day soon. Played a part in Chelsea’s second goal which will only boost his confidence more. There’s a lot of growing to be done but the signs are showing.

Enzo: 6/10 – The rest he was given paid off, as the game was already over when he came on.

Broja: 5/10 – Aggressive against their defence. A nomination for miss of the century.

Gusto: N/A – On in the last seconds to wind down the clock.

Maatsen: N/A – On in the last seconds to wind down the clock.

Pochettino: 7/10 – A couple of factors may have caused frustration for fans, no half time substitutions, and no Christopher Nkunku. With that said, after a woeful first half, Mauricio’s words at the break appeared to have made the difference as was evident 9 minutes in.

Let us know if you agree or disagree!

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